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Power Hour: Ball Aerospace

October 9 Constant Contact

Have you ever felt frustrated writing the “Work Experience” portion of your resume when you haven’t had an Engineering internship or a technical job?  Engineers from Ball Aerospace are here to help!  Several engineers that do recruiting for their respective departments will be at the BOLD center to work with each of you in groups on how to pull out critical skills from ANY job you’ve had that are important to being an engineer.  They will help you make any work experience relatable to an engineering job and really highlight your skills to help your resume stand out when applying for jobs.  Please bring your resume if you have one (even if it’s a draft), and if you don’t have a resume, bring a list of jobs you’ve had, volunteer activities you’ve participated in and any leadership roles on projects you’ve held at school.

Don’t let us forget…we will be having Noodles & Company as well! Also, today’s event will be counted towards your scholarship requirements as a professional development event!

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