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BOLD Center Staff

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Sarah Miller
Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence (303) 492-2417

Sarah Miller provides vision and leadership for the recruitment, retention, and success of outstanding and diverse students, faculty, and staff. As Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence, she leads the Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center, overseeing efforts to attract and prepare students for the rigors of engineering study and careers, and to improve student performance and graduation rates. Appointed in January 2014, Miller comes to CU-Boulder from the National Science Foundation, where she worked in STEM education as a American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow.

Sarah believes that every child deserves an excellent education.  She has worked in inner-city public schools, both as a teacher and as an administrator, and in the admissions office of Amherst College, where she earned a B.A. in Chemistry.  She holds a PhD from Yale University in chemical and environmental engineering, where her doctoral research produced a bio-based water purification system for removing arsenic from developing world water supplies.

Beverly Louie

Dr. Bev Louie
Director, Teaching and Learning Initiatives  (303) 492-4967

Dr. Louie has been the Director of the Women in Engineering Program and a Senior Instructor in the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering. She received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado (1977), an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado (1983), and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Oxford University (1993). At CU-Boulder, she has taught GEEN 1400 (Engineering Projects), GEEN 1500 (Introduction to Engineering), CHEN 1300 (Introduction to Chemical & Biological Engineering) and CHEN 3130 and 4130 (Chemical Engineering Junior and Senior Lab).

In the BOLD Center, Dr. Louie’s focus is to increase the number of female students studying engineering at CU-Boulder, develop and implement engineering education initiatives and increase student performance and community-building through the addition of the Education Excellence Foundation (EEF)-sponsored Student Success Center and the new Women in Engineering Living and Learning Community. She works to broaden the peer and professional mentoring programs, to provide more professional development opportunities, and to develop more scholarships for female students. You are welcome to ask her about resources and opportunities that are currently available.

Amanda Parker

Ms. Amanda Parker
Director, Access and Recruiting  (303) 492-6876

As the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s Director of Access and Recruiting, Amanda works to provide pathways and support to prospective engineering students. Her focus, working in collaboration with the Office of Admissions, is to increase the number of underrepresented minority, women, first-generation college-bound, low-income and talented scholars pursuing engineering at our College.

Amanda is an alum of CU-Boulder, graduating in 2009 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Feel free to contact her to talk about opportunities within the College.

Tanya Ennis

Ms. Tanya Ennis
Director, GoldShirt Program (303) 492-6473

Ms. Ennis is the Director of the GoldShirt Program, which provides underrepresented students access to engineering. Ms. Ennis believes that all students, regardless of their circumstance, are learners and have the creative capacity to achieve and exceed their goals, especially to become and thrive as engineers. She also serves as an Instructor for Preparatory Physics (PHYS 1000) and Introduction to Engineering Design (GEEN 1400).

As the mathematics department chair at the Denver School of Science and Technology, Ms. Ennis’ passion for teaching helped high school students of all backgrounds exceed math performance expectations. She received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Ms. Ennis brings a wealth of knowledge from both her professional and educational experience when she teaches and advises CU engineering students.

She has extensive corporate experience in the telecommunications industry where she developed and implemented large-scale systems for AT&T, Bell Laboratories, U S WEST and Covad Communications.

Vanessa Dunn

Vanessa Dunn
Director, Student Engagement and Community Building (303) 492-8809

As the Director of Student Engagement and Community Building, Vanessa Dunn has oversight of several BOLD scholarship programs and provides support for other academic programs in the BOLD Center community. Vanessa strongly believes that the best engineering solutions and innovations will be developed when a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds are at the table. To that end, she is dedicated to broadening access to engineering education and to helping all students to be successful.

Vanessa graduated from the CU College of Engineering in 2004 with a BS Applied Mathematics (2004) and then taught math at the high school level before returning to CU to do her Masters in Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice. In addition to being a former teacher, Vanessa also has an extensive background in Student Affairs. She worked in Residence Life at CU for 8 years (with the Engineering Quad, the Hallett Diversity Program, and as an Area Coordinator for both Central campus and the Williams Village community). In all of these roles she helped to foster an inclusive community where students living in the residence halls could achieve personal and academic success.

Please feel free to contact Vanessa if you have any questions about your BOLD scholarship or if you are in need of academic or personal support services.

Beverly Louie

Cara Lammey
Coordinator, Programs and Student Engagement  (303) 492-9528

Cara Lammey is the Coordinator of Programs and Student Engagement for the BOLD Center. She plays a key role in facilitating BOLD programming for a broad range of diverse constituencies, from K-12 students to current engineering students. Originally from Pennsylvania, Cara graduated from St. John’s College in Maryland with a BA in Liberal Arts. She now considers Colorado her home and enjoys all it has to offer with her husband Matthew, their son Wesley and dog Otto. Feel free to contact her with questions about upcoming events or if you are interested in working with our student societies.

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Rachel Harkness
Communications Specialist (303) 492-1761

Rachel Harkness is the communications specialist for the BOLD Center, and plays a key role in advertising and facilitating BOLD events and programs for diverse audiences. From developing BOLD Center publications and printed work to supporting the website and social networking, Rachel puts a face on the BOLD Center for the world.

Rachel is from Orlando, Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Digital Media. Past experience includes working as a Web Designer and Technical Trainer for the University of Central Florida and working across the country as a Minecraft instructor for Stanford University at iD Tech Camps. Her passions include learning Japanese, writing for various video game blogs, and discussing anything related to technology and/or Doctor Who. Feel free to contact her with questions about the website or any upcoming events.

Allison Palmer

Allison Palmer
Office Manager (303) 492-6606

Allison joined the BOLD Center in the fall of 2014 as the Office Manager. With a B.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies and Chemistry from Bowdoin College and an Masters in Education Administration from Northeastern University, Allison has a passion for expanding resources and access to all students. In this position, she aims to help science and engineering students of all backgrounds to succeed at CU-Boulder as the front desk staff and liaison of the BOLD Center. You are welcome to visit Allison to talk about the day-to-day services, programs, and activities that the BOLD Center has to offer.