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The Engineering GoldShirt ProgramFeel free to browse the Engineering GoldShirt Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more about the program.

How do I apply to the Engineering GoldShirt Program?

There is no application to the Engineering GoldShirt Program. Interested, prospective, college students need to apply to the University of Colorado Boulder and indicate your interest in the College of Engineering and Applied Science and then select a major (or if you aren’t sure, choose “Open Option.”) The Engineering GoldShirt team works with Admissions to identify students who are eligible to interview for the program.  Click here to get started with your application.

Eligible students will be notified if you are selected for a personal interview. The interview takes place on the CU-Boulder campus. Your parent or guardian will be invited to participate in a concurrent parent session. After the interviews, students accepted into the Engineering GoldShirt Program will be notified of admission after your interview.

What do you look for in an Engineering GoldShirt candidate?

Qualities that stand out in great candidates include leadership experience and interest, a strong drive to succeed, genuine interest in and excitement about engineering, and an outstanding ability to work as a team and overcome differences.

How long is the Engineering GoldShirt Program?

The Engineering GoldShirt Program is a five-year program, beginning with a first-year special curriculum of courses designed to develop student mastery in a variety of academic areas. Students end the Engineering GoldShirt preparatory year with approximately 15 credit hours toward an engineering degree and the skills to begin their engineering, major-specific curriculum. To see a sample of the Engineering GoldShirt First-Year Curriculum, please click here.

Are Engineering GoldShirt students part of the College of Engineering?

Yes. Engineering GoldShirt students are directly enrolled in the College of Engineering, and must meet the same requirements as Non-GoldShirt Engineering students to obtain their degree.

How many students are in the program?

The Engineering GoldShirt Program is competitive and each year, since 2009, the program has added between 30-34 students to the program. Incoming GoldShirt cohort sizes vary from year-to-year.

If I am accepted, do I have to attend Summer Bridge?

Yes. Participation in the Summer Bridge Program is mandatory. Plus, it’s a ton of fun and a great way to make lifelong friends.

If I am accepted, do I have to live in Andrews Hall?

Yes. Residence in Andrews Hall is required for the first two years of the Engineering GoldShirt Program. Please be aware in advance that this may conflict with your ability to participate in a fraternity or sorority.

What are the requirements to keep my scholarship?

Engineering GoldShirt students are chosen with full confidence in their ability to succeed in Engineering. We expect that the students in the program will work hard and thrive in the program. Scholarship requirements vary from year-to-year and are shared with students each year once they are invited to the program. Students who fail to meet the scholarship requirements may lose their scholarship. Students who lose their scholarship are still considered GoldShirt students and continue to participate in all program activities to encourage better academic performance. Students are also eligible to earn a different academic achievement award based on university academic performance. The goal is for all students to excel academically and graduate with an engineering degree.