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Math Workgroups

Did you know? Studies show that students who learn in groups do better in their classes. Math workgroups make a big difference…especially at exam time. In fact, students who participate in these one-credit supplements to their calculus courses tend to average a half-grade higher than those who do not. So do yourself a favor, and earn credit while you study with friends. Here are the details:

•   1 credit-hour pass/fail courses won’t add extra work to your plate.
Just show up and get credit for studying!
•   Led by graduate Applied Math teaching assistants and staffed by the
Learning Assistant program to help answer questions and guide you
•   Workgroup format–work collaboratively in teams
•   Use a whiteboard to solve problems together

niversity of Colorado students study together in Calculus Workgroups, which can boost grades a half letter grade or more.

Math workgroups are available for Calculus 1-3. Sign up when you register for courses. Please check this page during registration for a schedule of available workgroups.