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Faculty resources

The BOLD Center is happy to partner with you on broader impact activities that are consistent with our mission and vision.  Our mission is to graduate diverse engineers prepared to change the world, and our vision is to graduate outstanding engineers at numbers that mirror Colorado’s diverse population.

Here is a sampling of ways in which you can partner with us:

Explore Engineering Days: Provide a virtual tour of your lab
ASPIRE Summer Bridge Program: Teach summer course
YOU’RE@CU Program: Provide a semester-long research experience for an undergraduate
Research experiences for undergraduates: Provide school year, or summer research experiences
Summer Bridges for matriculating students: Teach a summer course (1-3 weeks)
Outreach to K-12 schools: Commit to a year-long partnership, where you or one of your students would visit a particular school throughout the year
Power Hour in The BOLD Center: Prepare activity or seminar
Programming for BOLD students: Host professional development event for students

Here is a sampling of ways in which The BOLD Center would like to do more:

K-12 summer experiences on campus: Teach a summer course
Engineering Mathematics curriculum: Design a module for use in the course
Community College outreach: Host a seminar at a community college or co-teach a course with a community college faculty member
Departmental sessions in the Student Success Center: Volunteer to lead your department’s Student Success Center sessions
“Meet the faculty” gatherings: Organize your departmental colleagues for an informal conversation with undergraduates or graduate students
Revitalization of any course that is showing poor student retention or performance: Commit to improving a course in partnership with The BOLD Center team, drawing on best practices from literature
Mentorship of undergraduates: Commit to mentoring a BOLD student or students

Rules of Engagement:

1) Submit the online form. Submit this form early in your grant process. We need at least a month, but our partnership (and your proposal) will be even stronger if you can contact us earlier.
2) Be willing to dedicate resources to your broader impacts.
3) Keep The BOLD Center team informed of the grant awarding process and outcomes.

Click here for more details on who we are and a list of The BOLD Center Directors’ responsibilities.

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What student populations are you interested in supporting?: *
Will this be part of a grant? If so, please include a link to the grant, the grant's deadline, and a 1-3 sentence summary of the research you are proposing to grant:: *
How would you like to partner with The BOLD Center? See the list of suggestions above. If you don't know yet and would like to brainstorm with a BOLD Director, please say as much: *