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Tomorrow’s Engineers

Tomorrow’s Engineers… creAte. iMagine. Succeed.

Sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation, Tomorrow’s Engineers… creAte. iMagine. Succeed (TEAMS)¬† is a partnership between the University of Colorado Boulder and the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts and the Denver School of Science and Technology to enrich the academic experience, particularly in science and math, for K-12 students. Through the TEAMS program students explore engineering in everyday life and come to understand how engineering impacts their lives. Hands-on engineering experiences allow students to:

  • understand the role that engineers play in meeting the needs and dreams of society
  • draw connections to meaningful applications of science, math and technology
  • become motivated to create a bright future for themselves through engineering and technology

At our partner elementary schools, TEAMS also provides resources for afterschool TEAMS (engineering) Clubs. Students participate in fun, hands-on projects as they learn about the application of math and science concepts through the lens of real-world engineering.

Why do we care about getting more students interested in engineering? We believe that all students, regardless of circumstance, should have the opportunity to pursue an engineering career and contribute to the health, happiness and safety of society. Many young students don’t know what engineers do–or how they could improve society and make a real difference as an engineer. Students who learn about engineering begin to dream and¬†imagine themselves creating the next best thing! TEAMS helps students envision themselves pursuing engineering careers and begin to understand that dreams need doing.

TEAMS is also supported by CU-Engineering student volunteers. If you’d like to get involved, click here to see upcoming volunteer opportunities.