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Please note the 2014 Scholarship application deadline has passed.

BOLD offers participation scholarships of up to $16,000.

BOLD’s purpose is to break down the barriers that keep too many of today’s young talent from reaching their aspirations, and help students realize their full potential as engineers… creative problem-solvers ready to shape the future! BOLD gears it’s activities around students under-represented nationwide in engineering colleges, including first generation college-bound, women, under-represented minority and low-income students. However, BOLD Participation Scholarships are available to any student who supports the BOLD Center mission and wishes to contribute to the CU-Engineering community through BOLD.

Are you interested in giving back to your community?

BOLD Participation Scholarships are a great way to support your education while giving back to the engineering community. Scholarships are offered to incoming, first-year engineering students and are renewable for up to four years. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $4,000 for the first year. Renewal is dependent upon the recipient’s academic performance and participation in BOLD programs.

Note: current BOLD Participation scholarship recipients need not reapply; however, you must fulfill BOLD community participation and reporting requirements for renewal.

Is a participation scholarship right for you? Learn more!

Need to report hours of volunteering, student society involvement, or professional development?

Click here to go to our online form and report hours required for scholarships!

Upon completion, the summary page will contain a link for a PDF version of your report. Please remember to download this and keep it in your records.
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