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Is it difficult to apply for a BOLD Participation Scholarship?

Not at all! It only takes about 30 minutes to complete the application. Please remember that it is not possible to save an incomplete application. You will need your CU student I.D., and thoughtful answers to two essay questions. You may preview the questions here.

What is a “participation scholarship”?

A participation scholarship differs from a merit scholarship in several ways. Participation scholarship recipients must contribute to the BOLD Center community through volunteering, participation in student groups, and other activities, and must enroll in a mandatory first-year engineering projects course. If you are not interested in contributing to BOLD programs, or do not think that you will have the time to fulfill the requirements, the participation scholarship may not be right for you.

What kind of participation will I have to commit to each year?

In addition to meeting the academic requirements, you will need to attend a few BOLD Center events during the academic year, contribute to volunteer activities, and become an active member of one of our diversity-serving student societies (AISES, NSBE, SAGE, SHPE/MAES, SASE or SWE.) For more information about these societies, click here. You are also required to enroll in a mandatory first year engineering projects course. The requirements are outlined in more detail here. All requirements are selected because they have shown to promote success in CU Engineering students.

If I can’t participate as much as I am required, will my scholarship be taken away?

Yes. Active participation in the BOLD Center and commitment to the BOLD community is required for all recipients of the BOLD Participation scholarship. For more on BOLD’s mission and community, click here.

When is the deadline?

Applications are due by March 15. However, we recommend that you apply as early as possible, even if you have not yet been admitted to the College of Engineering, as these scholarship funds are limited and will be offered beginning in early December.

Why should I apply early?

BOLD Participation Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, and funds are limited. The sooner you apply, the better your chances are of receiving a scholarship offer.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Vanessa Dunn at or by phone at (303) 492-8809

I already have a BOLD Participation Scholarship. Are my requirements different this year?

Updated requirements for returners can be found on the Requirements Page.

I am a current engineering student (not an incoming first-year student.) Can I apply for a BOLD Participation Scholarship?

The 2015-2015 BOLD Participation Scholarships are for Incoming First-Year students only.

On or around November 2014 we will post the 2015-2016 One-Year Scholarship Application for Continuing Students who are not currently receiving a BOLD scholarship and Transfer Students.

Visit our Other Scholarships page to learn more about other engineering scholarship opportunities.

If I am awarded a BOLD Participation Scholarship, to whom do I report my academic and community activities?

To ensure that your scholarship is renewed in the future, you will need to report your participation in the Desire2Learn (D2L) system. You can contact any BOLD Director with questions, but students are split up according to last name:


  • BOLD Director: Prof. Tanya Ennis, Director, GoldShirt Program (Email:
    Assigned Students: Gold Shirt Years 1 and 2 – All students in the first and second year of the GS program
  • BOLD Director: Dr. Bev Louie, Director, Teaching & Learning Initiatives (Email:
    Assigned Students: BOLD Years 1 and 2 and GS Years 3 and 4 – Student last names A & B
  • BOLD Director: Amanda Parker, Director, Access and Recruitment (Email:
    Assigned Students: BOLD Years 1 and 2 and GS Years 3 and 4 – Student last names S
  • BOLD Coordinator: Cara Lammey, Event and Volunteer Coordinator (Email:
    Assigned Students: BOLD Years 1 and 2 and GS Years 3 and 4 – Student last names T – Z
  • BOLD Director: Vanessa Dunn, Director, Student Engagement and Community Building (
    Assigned Students: BOLD Years 1 and 2 and GS Years 3 and 4 – Student last names C – R,
    and BOLD Years 3 and 4 – Student last Names A-Z, and GS Year 5 – Last names A-Z

Can I apply if I haven’t already been admitted to CU-Boulder’s College of Engineering?

Yes! It’s best to apply as early as possible. However, BOLD Participation Scholarship offers will not be made until you have been admitted into the College of Engineering.

Can I apply for a BOLD Participation Scholarship if I have not confirmed my plan to attend CU?

Yes, but scholarship award is contingent on attending CU-Boulder’s College of Engineering.

Who should apply?

All students committed to the BOLD mission and willing to meet the scholarship participation requirements are encouraged to apply.

Should I apply if I’m selected to participate in the Engineering GoldShirt Program?

No. GoldShirt student scholarships cannot be combined with the BOLD Participation Scholarships.

Can I apply if I have been offered a CU Engineering Merit Scholarship?

Yes. BOLD Participation Scholarships and Merit Scholarships may be layered. However, not all scholarships may be layered with a BOLD Scholarship.