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Living and Learning

Students gather and study together in the common room of Andrews Hall

The engineering community extends beyond the classroom. The following Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) are available to engineering students and provide a supportive community and academic support. An academic RAP is a great first step toward your future as an engineer–turning ideas into reality!

The Engineering Quad

Of special interest to engineering students is the Quadrangle, located directly west of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The “Quad” comprises four small halls–Aden, Brackett, Crosman, and Cockerell. Besides being a convenient place to live, residents receive additional academic support services through the Quadrangle Living and Learning Community.

This innovative and unique program is offered by the Department of Housing in cooperation with the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The community offers on-site tutoring, access to an extensive computer network configured to match the engineering computer labs, wireless computer access, enhanced academic support services, and calculus work groups in-residence.

Andrews Hall

Andrews Hall is part of the Kittredge community on the southeast edge of campus. Recently renovated, Andrews is the recipient of a gold rating in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification issued by the United States Green Building Council. The dorm houses approximately 200 students and is home to the Engineering Honors Residential Academic Program (EHP) and GoldShirt Program.

The Engineering Honors Residential Academic Program  provides an educational experience that matches the abilities and ambitions of some of the very best students at CU. The core values of EHP are “excellence, community, and opportunity.” Students must apply to be accepted into this program; for more information click here.

Global Engineering RAP

The new Global Engineering Residential Academic Program is opening in fall 2013 and located in Kittredge Central. Students who live in the Global Engineering RAP will practice and improve Spanish language skills while focusing on global engineering projects and IT-driven intercultural communication and collaboration.

The Global Engineering RAP is looking for students who:

    • want more from their education than technical skills
    • are already or want to become fluent in Spanish
    • want to learn how to leverage the latest in international telecommunications tools for working on collaborative international development projects
    • want to be a part of building a community that critically engages the needs of the world
    • want to be a part of building a community in which students work together and support each other as well-rounded individuals
    • care more about having real global impact than meeting minimum requirements
    • want to have the type of fun that comes from collaborating using emerging technologies

Sustainable by Design RAP

Located in Williams Village North, the Sustainable by Design Residential Academic Program offers a unique educational opportunity in a residential community setting to help develop students into globally focused leaders who are well versed in both the technical and societal aspects of sustainable designs.

The Sustainable by Design RAP helps ease the transition for students into a large university. Most RAP courses are limited to 20 students, so students get to know faculty and peers who have similar interests. RAP courses are taught right in Williams Village North, and co-curricular activities with a sustainability focus are offered throughout the academic year.

Living in one of the “greenest” residence halls in the country, Sustainable by Design RAP students get to use Williams Village North as a laboratory. Williams Village North has received a LEED platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council based on energy efficiency, use of sustainable materials, and novel methods of water conservation and waste management.

The Sustainable by Design RAP is open to students in any major on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Courses offered by faculty from multiple disciplines fulfill requirements and electives for students in:

  • Arts & Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Design
  • Business