The BOLD Center: Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity and the University of Colorado Boulder/>
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We need your help

The BOLD Center is a vibrant and inclusive community of engineering students from diverse perspectives–growing innovative leaders for an increasingly global economy. Did you know that by 2020 almost half of the nation’s entering college students will be non-white? Engineering must attract and capture the creativity across the spectrum of the nation’s talent in order to prepare for the unique challenges of tomorrow.

Thanks to the support of sponsors like you, the BOLD Center is able to provide programs and resources, such as participation scholarships, access and recruiting initiatives, and free tutoring. Together we can reach out to even more of today’s bright young minds to build a more competitive and innovative engineering workforce for our nation’s future.

The Bottom Line: BOLD must raise $5 million to endow 130 scholarships in perpetuity for underrepresented engineering students. Your commitment will get us there.

Follow the links to make an individual or corporate donation online. Making a difference has never been easier!